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We believe consistency is the key. Whether the output is internal staff, stakeholders or the consumer, our team will work with you to create beautiful artwork that tells your story in the best possible way. The better the story; the greater the engagement.


Our team takes care of the design so that you don’t have to. We can turn simple text into camptivating artwork that sells. 

Stop Motion

Stop motion adds that magic touch and a sense of fairytale to your product journey in a fun, vibrant and refreshed way. We’ve been experts since the very beginning, so if you don’t know where to start, we’re the people for you!

Visual Identity and Storyboarding

Writing up can be the easy part, right? But portraying how you’d like the branding to look can often be the straw that broke the camels back. Let us help you to create beautiful branding, pitch documents and storyboards to meet all requirements.

Videography and Live Action

Take a look at our folio for our live action footage; it really does speak for itself. Our videographers are incredibly talented, even if we do say so ourselves!

GIFs and Animation

Engage and excite your audience in 15 frames or less. We like to make our GIFs colourfully fun, but if that’s not for you that’s ok too – we can cater for any brief!


We can create stills for any output; social media, screens, print, POS or your next campaign. Our photographers will adapt to your brand style and will always be on hand to answer questions along the way!


Just one video can be transformed into multiple pieces of content.


Long format videos are shot by our videography team. This excludes our stop motion work, but includes beautiful high-definition shots like what you see in the movies so there’s no comparing!


When we storyboard for our jobs, we speak with our clients to understand which final stills they need to compliment the final campaign. This way, whilst on set we can ensure we curate those perfect images.


15s videos for instagram posts, Square and Portrait stills for posts and Portrait stills/video for stories.


Facebook videos can be up to 45 minutes long, but we recommend that they be no longer than 45 seconds. Social media is very fast paced these days and we’re very busy people. We can help you create quick campaigns with the assets that we already have!


Keeping your content as global as your brand! We can edit labels on stills, shoot pano shots multiple times and swap out voiceovers to make the output compatible for multiple languages.


Wide, vertical and square. 5s, 10s, 30s…you name it, we can do it. Once we’ve shot the longer version, cropping it down is possible as long as it’s been discussed in the early stages of production.